Annual General Meeting 2016

The Association had an excellent day of liturgies, discussions and socialising at St Mary Moorfields in the City of London, by kind permission of its new Parish Priest, Fr Christopher Vipers. The day began at noon with Solemn Mass of the feast of St Teresa of Avila. The celebrant was Fr William Young (whose splendid sermon on St Teresa is printed later in this edition) assisted by Mgr Bruce Harbert and Br Dominic Edwards. We are grateful to Mgr Harbert for standing in at the last minute for Dr Stephen Morgan, who had suffered an injury and was unable to come, and to whom we wish a complete recovery. An outstanding feature of the Mass was the singing of the schola directed by Fr Guy Nicholls. Cunctipotens Genitor Deus was the plainsong Ordinary, and all the chants of the Proper Dilexisti Iustitiam were from the Association’s major work in progress, the Graduale Parvum, which is largely the work of Fr Nicholls. It all worked extremely well, musically and liturgically.

A full report will appear in our journal, Latin Liturgy, published at the end of January.