Other useful websites
These links are offered in no particular order, and we offer them simply as useful resources.

Ealing Abbey Lay Plainchant Choir An apostolate of the Monastic Community of Ealing Abbey and part of the Benedictine Institute. Sings once a month at the 12:00 noon Mass at Ealing Abbey (Ordinary Form), usually on the third Sunday of the month.
a) The Gregorio Project a) Describes the project, and how to use the software.
b) Gregorio GABC on the web b) A facility that enables the production of chant sheets for any Sunday, with any Ordinary, and with the Propers to psalm tones or the full chant. Other sections of the website enable the setting of psalms and readings to chant. There is a corresponding app ‘Chant Tools’.
c) Gregorio FAQs c) Assistance in using GABC on the web.
Solesmes The Abbey of Saint-Pierre de Solesmes is a leading centre for Gregorian chant, and has published all the current official chant books.
Church Music Association of America (Musica Sacra) Extensive website with many useful pages. In particular, PDF downloads are available of the Graduale Romanum (1974), the Gregorian Missal (Solesmes, 1983), Communio (CMAA 2007, covering antiphons and verses for all Sunday and Holyday Communions), and an English translation of the Introduction to the Graduale Romanum, 1974.
Pluscarden Abbey Elgin, Moray
The Latin Liturgy Association of America Our sister organization in the United States
Vereniging voor Latijnse Liturgie Our sister organization in Holland
Association Pro Liturgia Our sister organization in France
Gregorian Chant Hymns
Provides audio and chant files of well-known hymns and other chants, ready-made booklets for various services, and the facility to build-a-booklet by pasting JPEGs into service booklets.
Catholic-Hierarchy Information about bishops and dioceses worldwide
Square Note An Apple and Android app. Has full chant for Sundays and Holydays, the Kyriale, and a considerable selection of other chants. The size of the chant can be adjusted on screen.
Chavagnes International College International College in France with a living liturgical community that mainly uses the Latin liturgy of the modern Mass, with the Gregorian chant
St Cecilia’s Abbey – Isle of Wight Gregorian Chant, virtual tour, and more
St Mary’s Chelsea Latin Choir The website of St. Mary’s Chelsea Latin Choir in London
Schola Gregoriana The Schola was founded in 1975 by Dr Mary Berry, a Cambridge musician and musicologist, in order to ensure that the chant should continue to be taught, and that all those who wished to sing and study this profoundly spiritual and ancient music should be able to do so.
Orkney Chant Blogspot A blog concerning Gregorian Chant in Orkney
Farnborough Abbey Saint Michael’s Abbey, Farnborough
St John Henry Newman Institute of Liturgical Music A venture by the Fathers of the Birmingham Oratory in association with the Maryvale Institute under the joint patronage of Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham and James MacMillan, the celebrated Catholic Composer. The purpose of the Institute is to provide a general formation in liturgical music, so that the Sunday liturgy in parishes (in Latin or English) may benefit from a doctrinal, liturgical and musical formation.
Friends of Cathedral Music

A charity that aims to support and preserve the wonderful heritage of choral and organ music in our cathedrals, churches and college chapels, through grants and endowments from money raised by membership subscriptions and donations.

Grego Base A huge database of Gregorian scores, available to download in a variety of formats.
The Oxford Oratory The Oxford Oratory has a fine tradition of liturgical excellence, including the regular celebration of Mass and Vespers in Latin. These are streamed on the Oratory’s YouTube channel.