Graduale Parvum (set of five CDs) (UK price)


Five CDs recording all the Introits, in Latin and English, of the Graduale Parvum.



For the first time, Gregorian chant Introits for every Sunday and Holy Day are presented here in both Latin and English, simple to sing but wholly authentic.

The chants are well within the capabilities of any parish choir, and these recordings may be used as an aid to singing from the printed Graduale Parvum. This pioneering work will be followed by collections of the remaining chants of the Mass, giving choirs and small groups of singers a complete repertoire for these Masses for the whole of the liturgical year.

Because of the cost of carriage beyond the UK, the price quoted is for delivery within the UK only. For orders outside the UK, please enquire via our ‘Contact’ page.

Here are specimen chants in Latin and English of each of the eight Gregorian modes, together with the corresponding pages from the Graduale Parvum. Please note:

“Gratis permission is granted to the Association for Latin Liturgy to post to the Internet individual digital files of musical settings of The Revised Grail Psalms. These digital files may be distributed to, and downloaded by, the general public for use within their religious communities, provided no remuneration is exchanged for this use. Any composer wishing to sell his/her settings of The Revised Grail Psalms, whether at cost or for a profit, should contact GIA for permission. All other policies regarding copyright notice and other licensing stipulations must be observed; visit for more information.”

Click on the name of the Sunday or Feast to download a PDF, then play the audio track.

Mode 1: Fifth Sunday of Easter  Cantate Domino; O sing a new song to the Lord


Mode 2: Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time  Venite, adoremus; O come let us worship God


Mode 3: 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Si iniquitates; If you, O Lord, should mark iniquities


Mode 4: Fifth Sunday of Lent  Judica me Deus; Give me justice, O God


Mode 5: Fourth Sunday of Lent  Laetare, Ierusalem; Rejoice Jerusalem


Mode 6: 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time  Dicit Dominus, ego … ; The Lord said I …


Mode 7: Ascension  Viri Galilaei; Men of Galilee


Mode 8: Third Sunday of Easter  Iubilate Deo; Cry out with joy to God